Paradise Golf Club Regulation



  1. All golfers must know how to play golf and demonstrate knowledge of the rules, etiquette and care of the golf course.


  1. Make a reservation in advance so that we can arrange your starting time and number of caddies. Players who have booked a tee time will “always” take precedence over those who have not booked.


  1. If guest is not booked in advance, please wait for the arrangement of caddy or/and cart. If we do NOT have enough caddy or cart at the time, guest can have options to choose:
  • Guest has to rent a cart and only have one caddy for one cart service.Cart rent fee will be charged as Price list at the Front Desk of Club House.


  • If caddy is not available at the time and guest does not want to wait, guest has to carry club sets by himself. And caddy will be sent to guest as soon as possible when available.


  1. Unregistered guests are not allowed into the Course. Any gallery will be charged half price based on guest golf price list (public price/ guest price), and have to rent a cart instead walking in the course.
  2. A surcharge will be added on national holidays.
  3. Golfer who rents a cart in the middle of playing, the cart rent fee have to be full payment according to the price list.


  1. Each player must have their own set of clubs.Rental equipment is available at the club house.


  1. Every person must obey the directions of the Course Superintendent, PGA Professional, Golf Ranger and Golf Starter with reference to order of play, practicing and behavior on the grounds.


  1. Proper attire is required for all golfers on the course and club house at all times.


  • Gentleman: proper golf apparel: no denim, track pants, or beachwear. Shorts must be tailored, shirts require a collar, mock neck or turtle neck.
  • Ladies: proper golf apparel: no denim, track pants, or beachwear. Shorts must be tailored, no short shorts. No t-shirts, tube tops or tank tops.
  1. Maximum 4 persons per flight. No exceptions.A group is only allowed to make a booking of minimum 3 players on weekend, Paradise golf course day (happy day), and national holiday. (If less than 3, Club will arrange other guest(s) to join you, kindly wait for our arrangement).


  1. Motorized golf carsshall be driven on specific golf car pathswhenever possible and shall be responsible for any course damage or golf cart damage due to reckless driving or unruly behavior. No more than two (2) golfers shall ride on a golf cart.


  1. We require all golfers to be courteous to other golfers and play without delay. Groups are required to stay within one shot of the group immediately in front of them. Groups are expected to complete nine holes in not more than two (2) hours and ten (10) minutes, eighteen holes in not more than four (4) hours and twenty (20) minutes.


  1. Take no more than one practice swing. Photograph, video shooting isprohibited without permission of the management board.


  1. Children under 7 years of ageare not allowed into the course. Children between 7 and10 years of agemust be accompanied by an adult who accepts responsibility for their safety and behavior. Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to drive golf carts.


  1. Property as any damage caused or arising out of negligence shall be made good by the player, whether such damage is caused by the player or his/her guest.


  1. All golf carts,pullcarts, and golf bags shall stay off of tee boxes and at lease thirty 30 feet (10m)away from greens.


  1. Every golfer shall repair ball marks on greens, replace divots in fairways and rake bunkers smooth after play.
  2. We are not responsible for lost and stolen your valuablesand personal belongings


  1. Please respect the golf course conditions and Paradise property. Use appropriate golf etiquette to keep the club house as comfortable as possible.


  1. The management reserves the right to refuse entry or ask guests to leave the premises if they are not appropriately attired and if they fail in observing our regulations. Management decision will be final in all matters relating to Paradise regulations.


  1. The management may at any time and from time to time by notice reserve the whole or any part of the golf course for such purposes as the management may in its discretion determine.


  1. There shall be no outside beverages allowed on the course at any time. Anyone violating this rule will have their beverages confiscated and may be asked to leave the premises.


  1. The discount price for multiple rounds or part rounds of golf only applies if the
     golfer(s) complete round without leaving Paradise Golf Club.
    A break for lunch at theClub House is allowed.
  2. Please keep as quite as possible in the Club House for we try to make our Club House to be a high level as every golfer's want so that not disturb the quite of the Club House

Your great co-operation would be appreciated.