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Considered one of the strongest tourist attractions in the coastal city of Vung Tau, Vung Tau Paradise golf course is built on gently sloping terrain, deep depressions, creating different levels for the eye. .

The pitch slope is moderate, undulating with small, gentle hills, creating soft curves for the court surface. The green space of the golf course followed by the green space of the sea creates an endless space, helping golfers feel relaxed and light after the stressful calculations of daily work. Vung Tau Paradise has 27 holes of golf. The campus of each golf course has a different shape, depending on the type of golf course.

The type of golf course is designed based on the ball path of the world’s masters, modeled after the shape of the model golf courses that have had famous characters come to play. Therefore, each type of golf course has a different length – short, wide – narrow and different shape. Surrounding the golf courses is a divider with herbs that keep their wild look.

In each golf hole, there can be natural-style pools, dotted with the purple color of aquatic flowers such as water lilies and lotuses, making the golf course more poetic. The young green of the grass, the dark green of the trees, the immense blue of the sky, blend together in a vast green space that connects these golf courses with other golf courses. Each golf session usually lasts more than 3 hours, during that time, players both play golf and walk in a peaceful space.

After playing golf, visitors can go to the beach to swim. Vung Tau Paradise golf course has regular contact with a number of business associations of countries, golf tours in the world, Vietnam Golf Association and is a place that is visited by units, businesses, clubs and organizations. Golf associations choose to organize large and small tournaments with up to hundreds of people

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Vung Tau Paradise Joint Venture Company expands the area up to 870ha, continues to invest in building an urban area, sports, and eco-tourism project with hundreds of villas, commercial centers, systems. international schools, hospitals, marinas, eco-tourism areas, wild zoos ... to meet the living values for residents and tourists who want to enjoy a modern, dynamic and stylish lifestyle luxury lifestyle in this project area.






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PV Drilling Family Day

PV Drilling Family Day

The 3rd Paradise Charity Golf Tournament 2013

The 3rd Paradise Charity Golf Tournament 2013

Paradise Cup Vietnam Competition

Paradise Cup Vietnam Competition

Mercedes Charity Golf Tournament – Paradise

Mercedes Charity Golf Tournament – Paradise

ABOUT US/ Affiliate golf course

The purpose of the cooperation is to promote the brand image of Vung Tau Paradise club worldwide, as well as enhance the benefits of members. This agreement allows members of Vung Tau Paradise club to play golf at the reciprocal golf club and use the club’s modern facilities at a lower price.

Before visiting affiliated golf clubs, please contact:

Contact for booking: 02543.853428 – 02543.585891
Company office: 02543.859697


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